🚢 why do we call it Shipwreck? 🛳

Hi its me Jennifer Messer. 😊

People always ask me and my husband (Shawn) where did the name Shipwreck come from, well here’s the story lol. One day me and Shawn was kayaking and saw a beautiful piece of driftwood out in the water. The water was not very deep around the driftwood so I decided to walk out in the water and pull up the driftwood. I started in the water and made it about half of the 20 feet out in the water to the part of the driftwood that was visibly stickin out and was stuck. My boot 🥾 was stuck in the water and I felt like I was trapped. I started to panic as my feet and legs started feeling like they were being squeeze. I am wiggling and pulling trying to get out of my shoes and now I’m not shoe deep I have sunk to higher than waste deep. Yes I had found myself in real quicksand. I yell for Shawn for help and he’s on the shore line, he thinks I’m joking at first. He said he could hear the panic in my voice and quickly realized I was scared and started out to help me. He got close reaching out a hand and started to get stuck as well so he backed up and stretched out further to reach me. He grabs my hand and after struggling and pulling he gets my arm and hoist me up out of the sand that I’ve been sinking in. We left that day with NO BOOTS and NO DRIFTWOOD.

Determination wouldn’t let us just forget about that piece of wood. Something was calling us back to it. So we load up the kayaks and head out to pull it to shore. We get there and the kayaks flipped and Shawn now finds himself there in the sand stuck. His cousin throws him a rope from shore and he climbs up out of the sand but not before tying another rope to the driftwood. We end up getting the rope tied to the truck and pulling this driftwood up out of the water and bringing it home. When home we start cleaning the sand off and spraying it down and me and Shawn look at each other and smile bc this wood that we found looks just like a tug boat! A Shipwrecked Tug Boat!!!! We made this piece into a table and reminded ourselves when we look at it that anything worth having is worth taking a chance on and working hard at. Sometimes beautiful things get lost under “water”, and “sand“ for sometime but that doesn’t make it less beautiful. Sometimes we just need ”cleaned up” and “redesigned” in life To be that NEW CREATION!

That day I needed saving and had to call out for help I couldn’t get out alone. So when we started our company we knew it would be a great name ”Shipwreck Collection“ not only because in a shipwreck you will find some of everything that people carried on a boat... treasures... furniture... lighting... decor... pearls... food... soap... Clothing... Ect. But because our company was a ”saving, life changing” moment for us. The start of our company was a turning point as if a “tug boat“ came and rescued us and carried us back to shore. It gave us a chance to be creative, to make things, to meet amazing people, to travel all across America selling, buying and learning different cultures. It taught us hard work and determination is worth it, we learnt that a family that works hard together will also love hard together.

So I said all that to say believe in yourself and remember its ok if you need help from time to time... We all need a little help or saving sometimes!

And that’s simply OK!

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