🛳🗺Just a lil about our Shop!⚓️⛴

Thank you for stopping by our website. We appreciate your business. To tell you a little about our shop, We have around 50 vendors that each hand make their products, whether it’s vintage inspired antique inspired or handmade you will not be disappointed with the quality. Here at shipwreck collection market you will find homemade local favorite foods and snacks, macramé, soaps, lotions, embroidery, clothing, furniture, Upcycled items, vintage items, earrings and more jewelry, keychains, wreaths, metal work, baby and kid items, a candy shop, custom wood workings, chalk and mineral paints, decals/stickers, and SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!

🗺⚓️Here your sure sure to find a hidden treasure. 🏝⛵️

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Hi its me Jennifer Messer. 😊 People always ask me and my husband (Shawn) where did the name Shipwreck come from, well here’s the story lol. One day me and Shawn was kayaking and saw a beautiful piece